About Red Umbrella Film Festival

Red Umbrella Film Festival (RUFF) is organised by current and former sex workers. It will be taking place 19th - 22nd October 2023 in Dublin, Ireland.


Our goal is to create conversation and community around the issues sex workers face in Ireland and internationally through film. We want sex workers’ voices to be heard – in the media, on the screen, in research, and on the streets. We believe there should be nothing about us without us. 

Our four-day festival in October 2023 will include feature films and shorts, panel discussions, workshops, and a Saturday night performance and dance party. By creating space for sex workers’ stories, we hope to challenge stigma and shame, fight for our safety and self-determination, and build towards a decriminalised future.

All funds raised by the festival will go towards the launch of a street-based sex worker collective.


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